Swift Swap

The one about the lesser known `swap` function.

Twitter; A Lost Opportunity

Most smart people I meet are nowhere to be found on Twitter. It's sad.

Merging Xcode Project Files

There is a better way to handle project file merge conflicts.

Pre-Populated Arrays in Swift

Arrays in Swift can be pre-populated with values ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Profile Before Optimizing

Measure twice, cut once.

Literals in Xcode Playground

Playgrounds are even more playful in Xcode 7.1. Color, image, and file literals allow simple dragging and dropping to set values.

UIImage is NOT thread safe

Using UIImage classes from threads other than the main thread can lead to obscure and hard to reproduce crashes, the worst kind.

Functions v/s Methods

Routine-level design very directly impacts the quality and complexity of code. The delineation between Functions and Methods can be helpful in structuring code and making things more readable.

Apple's Software

Apple's breakneck pace of releases is leading to bugs in their software. How bad is it? Should we be playing the blame game?

Remote Work

Cities have faced scaling issues since the dawn of time. It's also true that solutions like Slack and Google Hangouts make this time unlike others in the past. However, there is something to be said about in-person collaboration and workspaces which spur spontaneous inetractions.

Longevity of Apps

Brent Simmons makes a point about indie apps and developers which can be true in some cases. However, my experience has been not that black and white.


So, there's this problem on the Internet and its being caused by a seeming lack of foresight. What a shock! I am referring to iOS 8's (not so) mysterious stall in upgrade pace.

OMG Markdown

Twitter erupted into its own little controversy. This time, @codinghorror got together with a bunch of smart fellas and tried to tame Markdown.


I have always wondered why I am not so efficeint at reading materials on "the web" relative to my skill level in comprehending print or textbooks. I think I have a very substantiated hypothesis at this point.

Material Design, my ยข2

Google's design guidelines are very good, not in a light way either. Most designers I spoke to today seem very impressed and by just looking at Google's mockups.

Oculus Drift

Facebook went ahead and bought Oculus Rift. This adds a few more billions to their Visa bill for this quarter. No big deal.

How do people buy phones?

App Story with Vic Hudson

This week I was on Vic Hudson's new App Story podcast.


Yesterday I launched Simbol, an app to quickly find and use symbols and special characters on the iPhone.