Oculus Drift

Facebook went ahead and bought Oculus Rift. This adds a few more billions to their Visa bill for this quarter. No big deal.

What I really want to know is what the end game is? Are big companies buying ingenious little startups to lock their place in the future? Seems to me like a state of profound confusion about where things might go. Deep learning? Personal robotics? VR? “Let’s buy a major innovator in every field and let them operate independently. If we ever inch towards a future that inclines towards a particular paradigms, we already have that skunk-works lab in our basement we can start funneling money in.”

This is pathetic. Influential companies like Google and Facebook employ some of the smartest people and are in a position to define that future. They can make it, not stalk it with spaghetti to throw at walls which haven’t been built yet.